Grand Mondial casino review: the best offer online ?

If you’re looking for a better offer among online gambling, you can’t miss a great offer from Grand Mondial Casino.

For just $10 deposit you’ll get 150 spins for the progressive Megah Moolah slot jackpot!

Experienced online slot players know that Mega Moolah spins usually cost $0.25 each, so 150 spins will cost you just $10 rather than $37.50. This means that each new player will receive a FREE spin for 27.50$!

This may sound too good to be true, but several Casino Mondial players have already become millionaires by taking advantage of this offer.

Can you be the next instant millionaire?

Yes, it is absolutely possible. Three lucky ones have already become millionaires, almost immediately after registering at Grand Mondial Casino, by taking advantage of the opening offer.

MG millionaire
M.Γ. celebrating to be the new millionaire!
M.G. won over €4 million in 2017 just after registration, winning 150 Mega Moolah spins for only $10. After he invested most of his winnings, M.G. bought a Porsche Cayenne big enough for his whole family.

C.T., a correspondence student, had never gambled online before she decided to register with Grand Mondial in November 2017. She won $1.4 million that same day – more than enough to quit her two jobs, become a full-time full-time student and take her whole family on vacation.

In April 2018, S.K. started playing Mega Moolah around midnight. He has just registered at Grand Mondial and enjoyed the progressive slot game. After he received several times for $10, he suddenly wins the Huge Jackpot: over $5.6 million! S.K. donated most of his winnings to charity to help young people get an education, and left the rest to his family’s safe and secure existence.

Each of these lucky people changed their lives dramatically after registering. Maybe you’re next.

How do you join Mondial Casino?

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Subscribing to the entry offer from Grand Mondial is very easy. Just visit the welcome page, register, enter your name and payment information (credit card, debit card, e-wallet or financial account). Once you have created your account, download the casino application and be ready to plunge into a world of fantastic games.

With a minimum deposit of $10, your account will be automatically credited with $150 Mega Moolah spins (worth $37.50). Now you can start the game and become the fourth Casino Mondial millionaire!

What is Mega Moolah?

Mega Moolah
The most pleasant and unusual feature of Casino Mondial is the welcome bonus and free spin offer at Mega Moolah.

Mega Moolah is a popular progressive slot jackpot game that can be found in many online casinos around the world. It is an undeniably high-quality slot game, but what makes it so popular is that players can instantly win huge amounts of jackpots every game.

Mega Moolah is called the “progressive jackpot” because the jackpot amounts are constantly increasing. Every time someone tries, they contribute a small amount to the prize fund. The jackpot amount is always over a million dollars, and often rises to 10 million dollars!

As a Casino Mondial member you’ll have 150 chances to be the next Mega Moolah winner and you won’t find that offer in any other online casino. And that’s why:

Every time a player anywhere in the world plays Mega Moolah, the online casino where he plays pays for every Mega Moolah spin. Most casinos restrict free spins to games that cost nothing. Winners are required to “play through” their winnings before they can withdraw cash, so casinos are in fact rare to give anything to win.

Free Mega Moolah spins are different, but your 150 spins have real value that you’re unlikely to get at other online casinos. When you win, you’ll have to meet the “play through” condition, but since the $10 deposit is so small, you’ll definitely be okay with it if you win the multi-millionth jackpot!

“I was firmly convinced that today was my chance! My heart was with Mega Moolah!”

This Grand Mondial Casino story is one of my favourites. S.K. has only recently signed up for Grand Mondial Casino, but has already gained experience with the famous online slot game Mega Moolah (and of course $5,691,921.42 to his account).

“I love Mega Moolah, it’s really interesting,” he said. “I like this game more than anyone else. “Ever since I signed up and I’ve been in

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